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Spina Bifida Association of the Carolinas (SBANCSC)

The Spina Bifida Association of the Carolinas (SBANCSC) is an organization dedicated to promoting the prevention of Spina Bifida and to enhancing the lives of all affected. The organization serves individuals with Spina Bifida and their families in throughout the Carolinas.

Over 166,000 Americans live with this birth defect, and through quality of life programs, the SBANCSC has a dedicated group of professionals, families and individuals with Spina Bifida working to provide resources, educate, network, advocate and to bring about public awareness of Spina Bifida and folic acid's role in reducing the risk.

Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida


Join Us for the Walk-N-Roll® for Spina Bifida - Carolinas Event this fall.

Walk-N-Roll® for Spina Bifida is a family-friendly walk event that raises awareness about Spina Bifida, raises funds to support local community programs and services for those living with Spina Bifida and celebrates the accomplishments of the over 177,000 Americans living with it. All proceeds support the mission of the Spina Bifida Association – to promote the prevention of Spina Bifida and enhance the lives of all those affected. We look forward to seeing you this fall! Date and location to be announced soon!

Carolinas Walk-N-Roll
Fall 2016
Location TBD

Visit the www.sbevents.org/walknroll for more information.


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